Aeroflot Security Dogs Unit Announces Scientific Breakthrough

Aeroflot Security Dogs Unit Announces Scientific Breakthrough
Aeroflot Security Dogs Unit Announces Scientific Breakthrough

Aeroflot has reported breakthrough results of scientific research involving its security dogs unit. A new method to detect explosive and dangerous substances has got scientific proof and a relative patent. Also revealed is new cancer diagnostics research data. Both advances have been accomplished by the joint effort of Aeroflot’s dog security service and major Russian scientists. Together they have worked under the Innovative Airline Development Program aimed at promoting Russian R&D.

The research has involved the unique Sulimov dogs. This kind of dog — the air company’s pride — was specially bred for Aeroflot’s canine service through crossing the Arctic Herding Laika and the Subtropical Jackal. The Sulimov dog is as hardy, unpretentious, loyal and smart as its Arctic ancestor. The new breed took its good sense of smell from the subtropical relative. These specially-trained dogs live in Aerolflot’s Aviation Safety Department Canine Unit. This unit administers canine service and is an integral part of aviation safety.

Partnering with the Burnazian Biophysics Center the canine unit experts looked at the way dogs smell things and make informed choices when detecting a target substance. This process has been thoroughly studied and explained in scientific terms. The wholesome approach to fixing and analyzing the Sulimov dog’s conduct in the search work has put in the spotlight how the «bio-detector» functions. This innovative approach has encompassed the method to detect explosives and dangerous substances. The originality of the method is confirmed by the Russian Federation patent. The research results facilitate an early selection of dogs, most capable for air security service, and control over their training. The scientific studies have substantially contributed to dogs-ensured aviation safety.

The other experimental research involving Aeroflot’s canine service experts and Sulimov dogs has confirmed how promising the use of animals in cancer diognostics is. Dogs analyzing air a sample in a laboratory as a way of detecting substances in question is quite original. The dog’s splendid sense of smell in addition to standard lab tests allows detection of malignant cells better and faster.

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