Punam Mohandas

Punam Mohandas – Author & Journalist

Punam MohandasPunam Mohandas  is the Consulting Editor for Tourism Interface. She is a senior journalist with 20-years of work experience across India, Dubai and Bangkok.

She has been the Editor and Editorial Director of various publications such as Compass (Bangkok) Hotelier India (Mumbai) The Big Project (Dubai) Coordinating Editor with the Times of India (New Delhi) and a reporter with the Khaleej Times (Dubai.) Her weekly columns that appeared in leading English publications such as the Hindustan Times, the Times of India, The Statesman and the Delhi Midday, were hugely popular and ran for several years.

She was the Editor of the Times of India travel guide – the ET Traveller – for two editions. She is an accomplished and accredited travel writer and is well recognised among the travel trade, tourism boards and hospitality circles across several countries.

Punam has also served in the capacity of Director – Communications with Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), based at Bangkok, wherein she handled media on a global basis.  This role involved direct dealings with various Tourism Boards and Tourism Ministries of several countries. She was directly responsible for various tools of communication such as the website, social media channels, weekly e-newsletter, and was the Editorial Director for the PATA bi-monthly magazine, Compass.

She has written several well-researched Hotel Reviews which can also be found on Tourism Interface, among other websites. Her Egg On My Face series of Travelogues make for an interesting read, with a sense of humour that is reminiscent of the P G Wodehouse style of writing.

Furthermore, Punam conducts in-depth interviews on Indian film personalities and writes professional film reviews exclusively for The Film Writers Association of India.

Punam Mohandas has lived and worked in India as well as Dubai and is currently Bangkok-based. She is the author of the book ‘Fallen Angels’ and is presently working on and researching material for her next books, both of which are centred around Thailand.

To find out more about her and to check out her other works, please head over to Punam’s Blog.