Rajiv Bajaj – Aviation & Tourism Professional

About Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv BajajAn Aviation & Tourism industry professional, Rajiv Bajaj has been in the travel industry since 1986. He has spent over 21 years in the airline industry. He has worked with the National Carriers before moving on to head Northern India for Air Mauritius – a position that he held for more than a decade between 1997 to 2007, before moving on to becoming an entrepreneur. He is now self-employed as an independent marketing consultant specialising in Marketing Representation of overseas tourism products and B2B marketing of tourism and travel related products. He is also a marketing advisor to some leading travel brands.

An avid traveller himself, Rajiv is fond of writing and loves to share his travel experiences on his own blog. He writes in-depth reviews of hotels and destinations based on his own personal travel experiences. As a contributor on Trip Advisor, he has written several objective reviews that have a large readership and which have earned many helpful votes from travellers across the globe.

Rajiv Bajaj is also a certified trainer and has been a visiting faculty with several leading institutes, including the Indian Institute for Tourism & Travel Management, a Ministry of Tourism project. He is a keen web enthusiast and computer expert, and has an expertise in Social Media Marketing as well as development of web-sites. This site has been designed as well as maintained by him. Apart from this site, Rajiv also writes his own blog by the name of “Rajiv Bajaj’s Web Zone” which features his work as a trainer, and has a large following all over the world.

Rajiv has a large following on Slideshare as well as Authorstream, which he uses to showcase his presentations. Many of these online presentations are also embedded on various sites such as the websites of educational institutions and universities, where they are used as study material by students. Some of these highly acclaimed presentations have also been featured on the website of Entrepreneur magazine. These presentations are Conversation – The Heart Of Communication, Do More With Powerpoint & Robin Sharma’s 21 Tips For Productivity. Besides this, there are several other blogs and websites, as well as University study sites where some of these presentations are being used as standard reference material.