FASTBOOKING announces its partnership with Ctrip, the Chinese online travel and hospitality leader

FASTBOOKING, international specialist in hotel e-commerce, announces its partnership with Ctrip, the Chinese online travel and hospitality leader. This strategic integration gives FASTBOOKING’s partner hotels access to the rapidly growing Chinese tourist market, through their FASTBOOKING Channel Manager.

In 2013, an AT Kearney report estimated that the hotel market in China is among the most important markets – if not the biggest of all – for international players. This trend continues, with the online sales market expected to reach tomorrow 48 billion dollars for the Chinese travel industry in the coming years. Due to the new partnership with Ctrip, this is a significant opportunity that the 8,000 hotels equipped with FASTBOOKING technology can now seize.

“We share FASTBOOKING’s values of innovation and service, and the Channel Manager is a digital distribution tool that perfectly meets the needs of the sector. This connectivity will allow us to connect all FASTBOOKING’s partner hotels worldwide with 250 million users registered to our platform. This is great news for all of us”, says Mrs. Sun Maohua, Ctrip Executive Vice President & CEO of Hotel Business Unit.

In November 2014, the number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad reached 100 million, marking a turning-point within the travel industry. Over the past year, the number is estimated to grow to 109 million, an increase of 11% compared to 2013.

“The number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad will exceed 500 million within the next 5 years”, says Pierre-Charles Grob, FASTBOOKING’s Asia Managing Director.

“That’s when more than a third of the Chinese population will travel worldwide each year. Our strategic partnership with Ctrip allows us to offer our customers an immediate interaction with this exponentially growing market, and I look forward to that.

With more than 200 channels and a success rate of 99%, FASTBOOKING’s Channel Manager is a leading commercial tool for Connectivity with Ctrip – up to 500,000 bookings / day – and will, without any doubt, be a valuable source of additional income for our customers”, adds Pierre-Charles Grob.

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