Foreign Tourist Arrivals Grow By 1.8% In June 2015 Over June 2014

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USA accounts for the highest share of FTAs in June 2015. 

Ministry of Tourism compiles monthly estimates of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) on the basis of Nationality-wise, Port-wise data received from Bureau of Immigration (BOI) and Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEEs) from tourism on the basis of data available from Reserve Bank of India. The following are the important highlights regarding FTAs and FEEs from tourism during the month of June 2015.

Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs):

  • FTAs during the Month of June 2015 were 5.13 lakh as compared to FTAs of 5.05 lakh during the month of June 2014 and 4.51 lakh in June 2013. There has been a growth of 1.8% in June 2015 over June 2014.
  • FTAs during the period January- June 2015 were 38.45 lakh with a growth of 3.4% over the period January- June 2014.
  • The Percentage share of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India during June 2015 among the top 15 source countries was highest from USA (22.21%) followed by  Bangladesh (17.00%), UK (7.18%), Malaysia (4.00%), Sri Lanka (3.41%), Japan (2.80%), France (2.69%), Australia (2.64%), Singapore (2.54%),Canada (2.49%), China (2.36%),  Germany (2.35%),Nepal (2.10%), Pakistan (1.54%) and Afghanistan (1.50%) .  These top 15 countries account for 76.81% of total FTAs during June 2015.
  • The Percentage share of  Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India during June 2015 among the top 15 ports was highest at Delhi Airport (25.92%) followed by Mumbai Airport (17.58%), Chennai Airport (11.61%), Haridaspur Land check post (10.03%), Bengaluru Airport (8.00%), Hyderabad Airport (5.08%), Cochin Airport (3.77%), Kolkata Airport (3.63%), Gede Rail (1.97%), Tiruchirapalli Airport (1.93%), Ahmedabad Airport (1.72%), Trivandrum Airport (1.57%), Ghojadanga Land check post  (1.18%), Attari Wagha (1.03%) and  Hilli Land check post  (0.64%).  These top 15 ports account for 95.66%   of total FTAs during June 2015.

Foreign Exchange Earnings (Fees) From Tourism In India In Rupee Terms And In US$ Terms

  • FEEs during the month of June 2015 were `8,951 crore as compared to `8,458 crore in June, 2014 and `7,149 crore in June 2013.
  • The growth rate in FEEs in rupee terms during June 2015 over June 2014 was 5.8%.
  • FEEs from tourism in rupee terms in January- June 2015 were `60,302 crore with a growth of 6.2% over the period January-June 2014.
  • FEEs in US$ terms during the month of June 2015 were US$ 1.402 billion as compared to FEEs of US$ 1.440 billion during the month of June 2014 and US$ 1.227 billion in June  2013.FEEs from tourism in US$ terms during January- June 2015 were US$ 9.609 billion with  a growth of 2.9% as compared to the US$ 9.334 billion with a decline of 0.8% during January- June  2014 over January- June  2013.
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