Front Row Seats Of A Different Kind: Abacus Integrates City Discovery

Abacus Integrates CityDiscovery
Abacus Integrates CityDiscovery

Abacus travel agents at over 20,000 locations around Asia Pacific will soon be offering front row seats of a different kind, now that the technology company is integrating the 8,000 concerts, cabarets, activities, attractions and tours of City Discovery into the launch release of Abacus ContentPlus.

Rolling out across the region from May 2015, the unique B2B2C retail platform will give agents the means to provide instant confirmation for sporting or entertainment events, as well as priority access to a wide range of attractions. An exciting choice of private or group themed tours are also available for more than 700 destinations covering all interests, from gastronomy and photography to local culture and nightlife. Popular city passes can be bundled in for the duration of a stay.

“We are adding a new dimension to the services offered by this region’s travel agents, with products that deliver on the promise of experiential travel,” said Martin Symes, CMO of Abacus. “This is about value too. While Abacus agents benefit from the incremental revenue, travellers will enjoy City Discovery’s consistent low price guarantee.”

“All our ground products have been independently reviewed by travellers of varied tastes and so we know we can cater to the range of demand Abacus can channel from all around the region,” added Wladimir Guez, City Discovery Co-Founder and Vice President. “This is a huge opportunity for City Discovery and we look forward to fulfilling every reservation made through Abacus ContentPlus.”

Abacus travel agents can sell City Discovery products independently, or tie them into a custom itinerary as part of a complete personalized package, with flights, accommodation, car rental, transfers and more. Easy to align and track, Abacus ContentPlus automatically creates a consolidated super-PNR.

In beta testing now, Abacus ContentPlus will be free to use as one of the 60 downloadable Abacus Red Apps that integrate with leading B2B workflow solution, Abacus WorkSpace.

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