ICAO Museum Opens To The Public

ICAO Launches New Aircraft Tracking Website
ICAO Launches New Aircraft Tracking Website

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) announced the official public opening of its international civil aviation museum on 03 Nov 15. The new facility is located in the main lobby of ICAO Headquarters at 999 Boulevard Robert Bourassa in Montréal.

Walking through different time periods related to milestones of ICAO’s work, visitors to the new museum can discover the most significant legal documents, public figures and achievements of the UN specialized agency for aviation during its first 70 years of existence.

“The first exhibition of the ICAO Museum celebrates the history of air transport and other developments relating to the organization’s past, present and future priorities,” commented ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu. “ICAO Member State donations have been selected and arranged to create an exhibition dedicated to the civil aviation community, and the retrospective also includes a brief overview of aviation before ICAO was formally established under the Chicago Convention of 1944.”

The ICAO Museum was officially inaugurated as part of ICAO 70th anniversary celebrations last December. At that time, visiting international dignitaries joined President Aliu, former ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin, and senior officials representing the governments of Canada, Quebec, and the City of Montréal in welcoming its achievement and celebrating its objective to generate public interest in all areas of civil aviation.

It is ICAO’s intention that the new Museum will be of interest and inspiration to local and visiting CEGEP and University level students with an interest in civil aviation, international law and United Nations governance, as well as to civil aviation enthusiasts in general.

Source: ICAO

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