Mount Kilimanjaro climbing tips and updates like tour offers etc

Latest Updates and travel tips about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, snow status, weather forecast, Kilimanjaro routes choices, how to acclimatize, altitude sickness etc..

When booking Kilimanjaro trekking adventures, Leisure Travel Holidays Co.Ltd advises tourists about useful tips for preparation. One of important advise is climbing training and how to avoid altitude sickness, it is obvious that Altitude is avoidable. When a traveller intended to climb Mount kilimanjaro acclimatize properly and have suitable hiking gears, then there is No altitude sickness. Why should you pay the money we value and then get sick at middle of the way? Not completing your trip…So best practice is to acclimatize well, prepare physically and psychologically and ascend Kilimanjaro with leisure.

Knowledge, Experience and Team work of Mountain climbing crews at Leisure Travel Holidays Make your dream to summit Kilimanjaro a reality. 

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