PeopleScapes – Whom Would You Like To Acknowledge Today ?


Announcing the addition of our New CategoryPeopleScapes, a section dedicated to the countless faces who work behind the scenes in the Tourism & Travel industry. People who are the actual pillars of the industry, and yet, are often unacknowledged. They work hard to create wonderful memories for others, but are often not remembered for the good work that they have done.

This section is about ordinary people like me and you, who actually handle all the spadework, and yet get taken for granted. This section is about acknowledging people behind the scenes and their contributions. This section is about thanking them, or simply highlighting them to the world. This section is to highlight their human sides, bring to the fore their skills and gifts that are otherwise not known to others, because they are simply taken for granted. Each one of us is unique in our own way, and it is this uniqueness of the individual that PeopleScapes would like to bring forth.

PeopleScapes - This is all about YOU.
PeopleScapes – This is all about YOU.

So Whom Would You Like To Acknowledge Today ?

It could be a colleague whom you would like to thank for their kindness. Or an employee who deserves to be thanked publicly. Or perhaps a boss who is the best that you have worked with. Or perhaps someone whose contribution you would like to acknowledge. Or maybe just wish them on their Birthday or Anniversary. Or perhaps just share your office party pics. It could be anything.

This is your space. To acknowledge or wish someone, all you need to do is go to our “Join The Conversation” page, log-in using one of the several options provided on the right sidebar, and crate a post. Don’t forget to select PeopleScapes as the category from the drop-down menu. Attach images, click submit, and you are done. We will publish the post after it has been screened to ensure that there is no inappropriate content.

So go ahead. Acknowledge someone. Bring forth their human side, highlight their skills and talents. Make someone’s day.

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