Thailand’s Tiger Temple To Lose All Its Tigers ?

Tiger Temple Thailand
Tiger at Tiger Temple, Thailand. Image courtesy: @Tigertemple on Instagram

If news reports concerning the famous Tiger Temple located in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, are to be believed, this world famous tourist attraction is all set to lose all its tigers. Animal rights activists have been campaigning for quite some time about creating awareness of alleged ill-treatment of animals in this world-renowned temple, and have been demanding its closure.

As per several articles making the rounds on the internet and on social media, Thailand’s Department of National Parks (DNP) director- general, Nipon Chotiban, has ordered all tigers to be removed from Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua,  Tiger Temple by the end of April. A news article published on Chiang Rai Times states that after the seizure, the tigers will become common property, which the state will have to feed and properly house. The state is looking for ways to lower these expenditures, and one suggestion is to allow foster parent programs that would allow others to foster a tiger.

A similar article published on Thai Visa News says that The Tiger Temple, which just recently had 6 bears removed from their temple, will also be losing all 146 of their famed tigers. The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Preservation plans to remove all of the tigers after the Songkran festival activities come to an end. The article further state that there has been no official word on why the temple will now lose all of their tigers. An investigation into 3 missing tigers may be the reason, but no official announcement has been made on the matter.

One Green Planet, a website that “proudly creates viral and thought-provoking content designed to inspire action, and are the fastest growing (and largest!) independent publishing platform focused on sustainable food, animal/environmental protection, and cruelty-free/green living”, has also published an article – “BREAKING NEWS: Government Seizes All Tigers From Thailand’s Cruel Tiger Temple!” – which states that “This is great news for wildlife conservationists and animal rights activists who have been fighting for over 15 years to close the facility down after numerous reports of abuse and illegal wildlife trading.”

Meanwhile, the Tiger Temple, whom we follow on Instagram, continues to post pictures of tigers on the social media, with no hint whatsoever of an impending closure or seizure of the tigers. The reactions of their followers are quite mixed about the news of the impending closure, though. Here are some random comments and reactions (the less volatile ones) from followers of the Tiger Temples Instagram feed:

mavikin why you still posting if youre closed
23ssmagnolia So weird that you’re posting while being raided?
emmalhawkins_ I can’t express my anger that this place is being shut down. I’m very sensitive to animal places but this is one of the nicest places I’ve been to, the tigers were happy and were treated well, yeah it’s not ideal but tigers are so vulnerable in the wild that this makes the best of a bad situation, if anything it’s tiger kingdom that need to be shut down as the way the tigers were treated was so different. In tiger temple they didn’t once force the tigers, nor abuse them. The staff actually cared for the tigers and now the likelihood that these tigers will end up in a place like tiger kingdom is disgusting, they beat the tigers and drug them. There was no sign of abuse or drug abuse in tiger temple! I can’t believe this place over all of the tiger places are being shut down, people should target the places were tigers are actually mistreated and unhappy.
devynhall04 Is it true that ur shutting down?
itsmenati Everyone please go to @natgeo and see the last picture they posted to learn the truth behind this horrible place and how badly these poor tigers have been treated. Being tied to a chain all day in the hot sun while stupid tourists grab their tail, mess with them and take pictures is in no way normal and it’s in fact extremely cruel
tigerloversaver I thought your “sanctuary” had been raided
london_campaigner Wild animals belong in the wild. Let’s hope that animal welfare charities will be involved in the rehabilitation and rehoming of the tigers in your care, that breeding stops and that tourists once and for all see that wild animals are something to be viewed and respected, on their own terms.
i_wont_be_president Stop the trade of the tigers !
mai_pen_rai_kraph next week the tiger temple are closed ????????????
sos4animals @worldcolour all tigers will now be seized and be going to a facility that will better manage and take care of them. I’m sure it will be up to them at that point if they wanna stay open without the tigers… But that is their main source of money at the temple.
sheepiebear I’ve emailed a few tour agents and they are still selling gullible tourists the tour to go there…not for long hopefully..
sos4animals @sheepiebear yea, a lot of people are going to be mad when they find out they booked something that won’t be around.
itsmenati @………………. if you believe that chaining a tiger all day to a tree so that idiots can take selfies with them is okay then you’re just messed up in the head. That’s cruel and selfish. Disgusting
planet_of_animals Government is closing you down for your inhuman animal treatment
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