Visual Journeys

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This section takes you on Visual Journeys, as the name suggests. Specially created presentations and presentation videos will give you an insight in to the choicest of hotels, attractions and destinations.

As part of these Visual Journeys, we will also be introducing Destination / Product Training Programs as well, where, after taking the visual journey, you will be able to attempt a quiz to test your knowledge on the destinations / products, with scores being recorded as well, so that you can compare your scores on a Leader-board with others who have taken the same quiz.

However, these quizzes will only be made available on those Visual Journeys that are created as training programs. The others are simply for enhancing your knowledge, or viewing pleasure,if you like.

Should you like to make use of this platform for creating a Visual Journey, either as a Training Program with an online quiz, or as a product promotion, please send us an email to seek the details.

Currently Published Visual Journeys


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