Earthquake Tragedy – Our Prayers Are With Those Affected

We pray for those affected by the earthquake.

Those of us who are from North India, or in the other zones that were hit by the earthquake this morning, will recall those terrifying moments when the first tremors were felt this morning. For a few moments, pandemonium prevailed as people rushed out of buildings, especially those who were in high-rise structures. Out in the open, everyone waited for the tremors to subside. And while waiting, it was hardly surprising to note that those of us who had managed to carry their phones with them were busy sharing updates about the quake on the social media, this author being no exception. When tremors subsided, everyone went back upstairs, only to have the whole scene repeated again some time later. And yet, we were the fortunate ones, because we escaped nature’s fury.

A short while later, the global media made us aware of the epic proportions of the tragedy that had hit Nepal and the surrounding areas in North & East India. The horrific images surfacing on the social media as well as other online media were telling a gruesome story of vast devastation and loss of life.  Those of us who haven’t really been affected by the tragedy can only, perhaps, imagine the scale of suffering brought upon thousands and thousands of people by an act of nature that barely lasted less than a minute. And yet, for those who have directly been affected by the disaster, it would only be the start of a long nightmare.

When we recently started out in the tourism media field, we were quite clear about one thing – that we would not be publishing any negative news. No eyeball grabbing headlines like emergency landings, accidents, etc, and we still are quite firm about this. And yet, to go on publishing other industry news would be meaningless when such a tragedy is staring us in our faces.

And so, as a mark of respect to the victims of this tragedy, today we will refrain from publishing anything else, because everything else pales in comparison to this huge suffering that nature has brought upon our fellow human beings. We will not attempt to bring you any gory images of the tragedy, because frankly, there are enough of them floating around online, not to mention videos posted on YouTube that highlight the devastation.

Today, we will stay silent as a mark of respect to those who died in the earthquake.

Today, we will only pay homage to those whose lives have been snatched by this cruel act of nature.

Today, we will pray for strength and solace to those who have lost loved ones.

Today, we will also pray for the speedy recovery of those injured in this calamity.

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